About Us

About Us

Who is SlimeHosting?

Our Beginning

SlimeHosting was founded in 2021 under a different name by a group of friends looking to change the market.

This version of SlimeHosting was called Poly Hosting, and it provided free Minecraft servers.

Unfortunately, it didn't generate enough revenue to keep the doors open; however it had 300 monthly users at its peak.

What We Did Next

With the same desire to change the market to be more affordable, in October 2022, the same group of friends hatched the idea of SlimeHosting.

The goal of SlimeHosting would be to provide powerful servers for an affordable price.

We've Been There

Every person on our team is a gamer at heart. We don't have investors, we don't have shareholders. Just gamers.

We've all been in the same shoes: Looking for a game server but not wanting to spend a fortune for the bare minimum.

Our Datacenters

We currently have three datacenters, two in the US (Hillsboro, Indiana and St. Louis, Missouri) and one in the UK (London, England).

We are expanding as quickly as possible to ensure that players around the world can all have a server close to them.

You can submit a ticket and request your server to be transferred to another location at any time.